Successful beacon deployment during TEDxGroningen

Numbers and effect of Lightcurb


Thursday 20 November 2014 more than 500 people visited TEDx Groningen. The day was characterised by the philosophy behind sharing valuable ideas. Stories from 18 speakers were shared with the audience. Stories that made people smile, others hit you like a train. We created an app and integrated the Lightcurb technology where we showed the possibilities which the iBeacons offer.


Deploy beacons during TEDx, be relevant and focus on interaction

With the TEDx Groningen app we added the Lightcurb technology. We have put the beacons in rooms where people will go after the talk. On the moment people are leaving the room after an inspirational talk the app sends a notification asking how they liked the talk. At the same time also the next speaker was announced. Creating this content and managing the iBeacons so the messages are showed at the right moment can be done by the easy to use Lightcurb Manager.



Visitors having the app installed on their phones, received notifications with relevant information about the speakers. Maybe you were overwhelmed by ideas? With the app you could store this information. The user also could point out which speakers they liked in order to create personalised information and make it even more relevant.


This kind of information is also important to the organisation of the event. The app could give them insight about which talk the visitors liked. Afterwards they could send more information about these topics to the visitors to make the experience even more meaningful.


TEDxGroningen app put in numbers

TEDx Groningen and Lightcurb with the iBeacons was a big success!



50% of the users pointed out after receiving a message sent by an iBeacon which speaker they found inspiring and liked. With this information it is possible to target the audience. If the speaker posted a video or some other relevant information they could receive a message about this later on. When the people are pointing by themselves what they like and what not, you increase the value of information enormously. And best of all, with Lightcurb it is as easy as pie.


Idea behind the app

When a speaker is giving his speech everyone should listen. After the speech when the people leave the room they can share their ideas with other people. The question from TEDx was: “How can you make sure the app is only to support and stays in the pocket at the right times?” Because during a speech you don’t want people receiving messages to distract everyone. The solution offered by Lightcurb for TEDx Groningen contains three key factors. These are timing, be relevant and keep focus.


  • Timing, only message when you have something relevant to say
  • Ideas worth spreading. If you have something to share, then you need a space to share it
  • Non-intrusive. Keep the focus where it needs to be, listening to all those beautiful stories and meeting interesting people


To continue...

Currently we are working on the next TEDx to increase the user experience to a new level! We want to achieve this by being even more relevant on location at the right time. Do you want to know more about the possibilities? Register yourself on our newsletter and send us an email. We are happy to tell you more about Lightcurb!