Car Dealers

Autoland Van den Brug


“How can we approach our customers on a digital interactive manner?”


That was a question that Autoland van den Brug (car dealer) asked us. Nowadays the process of purchasing a car happens more and more online. This needs an innovative idea, but what is this idea?


In the future it is necessary to strengthen the offline world with the online world. In the online world it is a must to have good search engine optimization and to be user friendly, but offline? Physical people in your store deserve the same attention right? The sales process is totally different compared to a few years ago, now, customer experience is the key in offering a good service. Nowadays the total experience of the customer is important for the customer to make a purchase.


We know like no other that the beacon technology in combination with our Lightcurb platform is an excellent fit in this gap between the online and offline worlds.




Simply by placing beacons at the entrance the customer will receive a welcome notification on their phone. Simultaneously Autoland van den Brug receives a trigger telling a customer is about to enter the shop. It is possible to extend the experience even further. When connecting a customer relationship system more information can be showed when a customer enters the shop. For example the purchase history. With good information the customer can be well informed which increases the experience.


In order to strengthen the delivery of information it is also possible to equip cars in the showroom with a beacon that sends personalized relevant content to the customer. If the customer is a man, information about the amount of horse powers and the torque is shown. In case of a woman, information about the colour possibilities and energy savings can be showed.


With the Lightcurb plarform the information can be filled in easily and the capabilities are limitless. For example it is also possible to send a notification about a promotion video of the newest car in the showroom.


We can offer an experience to the ‘offline’ customer like never seen before with the Lightcurb beacons and the Lightcurb platform. Together Autoland van den Brug and Ligthcurb will increase the customer experience.