The Lightcurb SDK. For Free.

Anyone who wants to play, test, learn or innovate. For you we developed the Lightcurb SDK. Now it is possible to integrate Lightcurb into your own app. Without any hassle.


We have made available the basic functions of Lightcurb, such as beacon detection. In the near future we will add features to the SDK so you can take full advantage of the Lightcurb platform. We will need your feedback to make the right decisions.


Download the iOS and Android SDK and let us know what you think of it.


SDK Features


Most of the request are being handled in the background by the Lightcurb Manager, so you don’t have to tweak to much with the SDK. Below are some key features which are now available for you. Soon more will be added.


  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Beacon detection
  • Configure your beacons in the Manager
  • Link you beacon to an advertisement or other message
  • With the SDK you can show these messages in your own app!


If you have any questions or tips? Please send your  feedback to info@lightcurb.com

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