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What is a Lightcurb beacon? 

A Lightcurb beacon is a small wireless device that constantly broadcasts a message to phones and tablets in the proximity.


Is the Ligthcurb app necessary to receive notifications from Lightcurb iBeacons?

The app is necessary to receive notifications.


Where can I download the Lightcurb App?

Click here for the iOS version or here for the Android version or simply search for Lightcurb in the app stores.


What is Bluetooth Low Energy ? 

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy is a new kind of Bluetooth that works, just like the old Bluetooth, with radio signals. These radio signals compared with, for example WiFi or phone signals suffer less from walls or other barriers. Another advantage is that the use of Bluetooth 4.0 LE does not have any impact to the battery life of your phone or tablet. If you want to learn more about Bluetooth 4.0: we have detailed information especially for you to read.


Does Bluetooth Low Energy uses much power?

Bluetooth 4.0 LE uses a fraction of the power that traditional Bluetooth uses. You won't notice the use of Bluetooth LE on the battery life of you're mobile phone.





Is my phone suitable for Lightcurb? 

All phones operating on Android 4.3> or iOS7> with support for the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy protocol are ready to receive Lightcurb beaconsignals.


Is my iPhone ready for Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy? 

If you have a iPhones 4s or newer you're good. 


Is my Android phone ready for Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy? 

The mainstream phones support Bluetooth 4.0 LE, click here for all Bluetooth LE phones.


Does the Lightcurb App need to be running to receive notifications? 

Lightcurb uses the Apple iBeacon standard, the standard doesn’t require the app to be running to receive notifications. Only Bluetooth has to be turned on.


Does Lightcurb work on my iPod touch?

Yes it works on the iPod touch. However an active internet connection is required.





What is the UUID, major and minor of my Lightcurb beacon?

Lightcurb v1

UUID is: 01122334-4556-6778-899A-ABBCCDDEEFF0​

The major and minor are both hexadecimal printed on the back of the beacon. To convert them to the correct decimal value please click here.

Lightcurb v2 and later

Lightcurb v2 and beyond have the following UUID: A4A4279F-091E-4DC7-BD3E-78DD4A0C763C

The major and minor are printed on the back.

The first 4 values are the major and the last the minor. These numbers are already in the right format and do not need to be converted like Lightcurb v1 need



How do I enter the major and minor of the Sensoro beacon for use with the Lightcurb manager and the Lightcurb app?

You can find the major and minor of the Senoro beacon by downloading the Sensoro app and using the settings option. You can find the app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store . The major and minor are both hexadecimal and have to be converted to the correct decimal value. To do this please click here.


What is the batterylife of a Lightcurb beacon?

The battery life of lightcurb iBeacons is approximately 2-4 years.


Are the Lightcurb beacons waterproof?

The basic Lightcurb beacons are not waterproof. We have developed a special waterproof version of the Lightcurb beacon, it's called the Lightcurb Hummer.


What is the maximum range of the Lightcurb beacon?

The maximum range is approximately 110 meters.


At what height should I place my Lightcurb beacon?

The radio signals emitted by the iBeacons are sensitive to water, because humans contain for 70% out of water, we recommend to place the beacons at approximately 2 meters above the ground.


Can (Lightcurb) beacons affect my (wireless) alarm system? 

iBeacons work with a low frequency, wireless alarm systems are on a different frequency, and therefore do not suffer from iBeacons.





May I use the Lightcurb logo for publicity? 

Yes, you may.


Does Lightcurb have a Presskit?

Yes we have, you can find it here.


Does Lightcurb has a hashtag? 

Lightcurb uses the hashtag #Lightcurb





Does Lightcurb have a privacy statement?

Yes, we do. The privacy statement is for both the Lightcurb Manager, the Lightcurb app and the SDK. The statement can be found here and in the Lightcurb app



Terms & Conditions


What are the Terms & Conditions for the use of Lightcurb?

We have two seperate agreements, one for the Content Manager and the other one regarding the Lightcurb App. For the manager you can click here, for the app you click here.