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Open beacon platform

Lightcurb™ beacon manager: your personal online dashboard to assist you in managing beacons to all kinds of content such as your existing website, online shop or other web enabled services.


Endless possibilities

With Lightcurb cloud manager and its awesome out of the box functionality, the free Lightcurb app in Google Play & Appstore, our code library for beacon functionality in existing apps and our premium beacons with best range and batterylife we offer endless possibilities for location based services and proximity marketing.


Want to communicate with your audiences on location? Lightcurb will truly enhance the exciting field of beacon technology. Here are some examples:

Personal content
App users receive extra product information prior to transaction
Search and locate
Potential customers are able to locate you before setting off from home
Keep track of daily traffic and analyze data to improve customer specificity
Order and pay without having to wait in line (for example concert tickets..!)

Mobile marketing in real world context

Lightcurb™ is the free open beacon platform that will redefine the way people discover content using beacon technology. Lightcurb™ makes it easy for everyone to link a product or service to relevant content using beacons. Lightcurb™ provides users with an app to discover that content. Lightcurb™ differs from the competition by providing one single app experience for all users or code library for existing apps. Lightcurb is easy to use, works very fast and makes all kinds of new location based services possible.